What is Avast SafePrice?

By installing an antivirus on the computer, the user wants to protect himself from the dangers and inconveniences on the Internet. Avast SafePrice is a shopping plugin designed for those who want to get the most attractive offers. It finds the best deals from secure online stores with a high reputation for precisely those products that you are looking for on the Internet at the moment. Avast safeprice is the part of Avast Software Product more about this tool you may find in Avast Internet Security review. Besides antivirus software Avast working with vpn services, browser extensions and other…

In other words, if the browser has the Avast SafePrice extension installed, then when you visit online shopping sites, you will see advantageous prices and offers at the top of the page. That’s all. So., there is no need to visit multiple sites or open a new tab in the browser. It allows users to see the best deals in a unique line of the browser, which is automatically hidden when you do not make a purchase. This is a guarantee that you are dealing with reliable supplier sites, as well as save time by getting access to all the best offers for the product you are interested in without spending time searching for it manually.

On the one hand, Avast works as the principal protection of a file server, but also, thanks to its optional extensions, as protection for many server subsystems, such as e-mail or your firewall or proxy server. The system is based on the SMTP protocol (the same one is used for regular e-mail messages). The update is controlled by Avast Services (MS Outlook and Email). The entire system is protected by asymmetric encryption that prevents fraudulent use of the protocol. What are the main characteristics of Avast SafePrice extension?

This programme has the following features:

  •        Searching for the positions with the best deals for the product categories you are interested in
  •        Guaranteed offers only from reputable sellers
  •        The safe online price comparison system
  •        Highlighting the best deals
  •        Easy setup according to your requirements
  •        Auto-hide the plugin panel when you are not making a purchase
  •        Display of the best deals without the need to go to third-party sites

How to disable Avast SafePrice? When you first start Avast SafePrice, you will see a welcome window explaining the functions of the plugin, including how to disable it. If you do not want to receive SafePrice recommendations, you can delete it directly in the settings of extensions in your browser. In the browser menu, you can find the settings of extensions, in which you can disable the SafePrice service.

Also, Avast SafePrice is a wholly free and unobtrusive extension that does not overload the user?s browser and reminds of itself only when a client makes purchases. Nowadays more than 10 000 000 users trust Avast SafePrice browser extension. It is quite simple to use it, you install the programme and activate a plugin, and then look for positions that interest you in your favorite online store.

Avast SafePrice will automatically search for all reputable websites with a good reputation and provide you with a complete list of the best online offers and free discount coupons. After that, you need to select the offer you like and voila! – you have already purchased in the store.

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