Top 5 VPN for iOS

Top 5 VPN for iOS

Apple has high-quality products that can work in all conditions, except for blocking on the Internet. To bypass the blocking of a separate resource or to protect important information you have to use virtual personal networks or in everyday life – VPN. Such a network allows you to encrypt data, gain access to locked resources and maintains anonymity. Among VPNs for iOS, the most effective and best vpn app for iPhone should be highlighted. Each program has its own advantages and disadvantages, but they all effectively cope with information protection and circumvention of many protocols.

Express VPN

The first in the list and the most popular program to bypass blocking on the Internet is Express VPN. It is considered the fastest and easily configured. To configure the connection you only have to choose the type of connection. Among the options, it is best to choose a connection via TCP. At startup, the connection is established with any free point. Servers are hosted in Asia and Australia. Unlike some competitors, the application does not have a trial free period, but the amount paid can be returned if the iOS program did not work. This is the best VPN for Apple, which can be downloaded at a discount. The longer the period of use, the greater the savings.

Express VPN is famous for its online technical service, which responds and solves problems within half an hour. The obvious advantages of VPN include work not only with computers but also with mobile devices, a large number of servers around the world and excellent work with P2P.

Vypr VPN

Vypr VPN is notable for high performance, but fewer servers. The total servers with which the program works are in 48 countries. The program is available to test mode, which can be used for three days. This VPN for iOS is suitable for use in China. Due to the large number of protocols to bypass the blocking, Vypr VPN fits better than others. Its advantage is the unique Chameleon protocol, which was developed specifically to bypass the Shield. The program still runs a special firewall, which provides additional data protection. The disadvantages of this VPN application include the complexity of the installation and the considerable price.


NORDVPN differs from previous programs in that it supports the Russian language. This fact greatly facilitates the process of using Russian-speaking people. The main office is located in Panama, but more than three thousand servers are located around the world. Nord’s private network provides protection through dual encryption and the use of the Tor browser. Subscribers of this application can use it on three devices. The application has a free period, and if the application does not fit, you can always get a refund within a month. Works with peer-to-peer networks.

Pure VPN

Pure VPN is available in free mode during the week. During this time, you can explore all the features of the application. The utility allows you to anonymously surf the Internet, change IP-addresses and get access to blocked resources. Thanks to the Kill Switch technology, you can work on the Internet network only with a VPN connection, otherwise, it will not be possible to work. Automatic protocol selection and a dedicated IP address are the main advantages of the program. Supports up to 5 iOS devices.


Cyberghost supports two versions: full-featured paid and limited freedom. Works on both iOS and MacOS. With free mode, you can work only on one device. The paid version works on 5 devices. It maintains a high connection speed and ensures stable operation of the secure connection.

All applications have their pros and cons, but each does an excellent job with its functions anywhere in the world.