Norton Antivirus

This Norton Antivirus Review is going to discuss the most important things that every user must know about this tool.

Should you ensure your PC with an antivirus utility or a full security suite? Symantec truly pushes in the security suite course, with two suite products that deal with Windows, MAC OS, Android, and iOS.

In any case, in the event that you extremely, genuinely just need an antivirus for your Windows PC, Symantec Norton Antivirus review does the activity. And, however, it is anything but a suite, it has some surprising bonus features including spam separating and an intrusion security system that outperforms most suites.

Scan Choices

When you click the enormous Security board and then snap Scan, you get much more scan choices than with most antivirus utilities. Sure, you can run a fast scan, a full scan, or a custom scan, however, it goes route past that. In the event that you feel that you may have malware even after a scan, you can dispatch a fresh scan with the aggressive Symantec Norton Power Eraser apparatus. There’s a connection in the last report screen for every customary scan that links to Power Eraser, in case you suspect cleanup wasn’t finished.


Norton Antivirus Basic doesn’t have a preliminary form, so you’ll need to manage with Norton Security Deluxe. It’s essentially the same bundle with a firewall, however, so you’ll get a decent vibe for Norton’s center abilities.

Installation is straightforward. The setup program grabbed a harmless security item on our system (Bitdefender Agent) and asked us to uninstall it, yet in addition, gave the alternative to abandoning it installed. We very much want this way to deal with stricter uninstallers which demand you expel almost anything from contending vendors. It’s great to be cautioned about potential problems, however, users should have the last say about whether to uninstall other software or not.

Antivirus Protection

All Norton antivirus products secure against malware, spam, malicious email attachments, and online threats, and accompany browser extensions for Internet Explorer, Edge, Chrome and Firefox to square malicious websites.

Norton will transfer suspicious new files to Norton’s cloud labs for analysis, alongside basic data about your PC. You can quit in case you’re stressed over security. New malware signatures are sent out several times day by day to Norton’s 175 million users.

Antivirus Performance

The malware motor used in all Norton Windows antivirus products provides great security yet was one step behind different products in several ongoing tests.

This series of wins puts Norton about keeping pace with Bitdefender. However, both are somewhat behind Kaspersky, which scored just one false positive in all of 2018 through October.

Security and Privacy Features

All Norton Windows antivirus products incorporate the ID Safe password administrator, and there’s also a Silent mode that suppresses popups, updates, and interruptions.

Execution and System Impact

Numerous years back, Norton antivirus products would slow your system to creep while it scanned the hard drive. Be that as it may, Norton had made incredible strides on that front, and most of its products we’ve tested in the past couple of years have had just a moderate system sway. That is for what reason we’re sad to report that the terrible past times might be back.


As you’d expect, the Norton interface’s home screen has a green checkmark to show that everything is ensured. It also tells you when the last scan was run and what number of system licenses remain.

A speedy scan can be started from the fundamental window, a full scan is two screens in and scans can be physically scheduled or set to run at whatever point the system is inactive. There’s also a Task Tray symbol that lets you run a speedy scan, back up files and disable the Norton firewall.

Main concern

Their security might be extremely great, however, Norton’s antivirus products take up such a large number of system resources while they’re scanning. They also come without standard common luxuries such as a solidified browser or record shredding and encryption.