5 Methods to Solve Avast Bank Mode Error

In the article, we are going to explain what to do in case Avast Bank Mode is not working

What is Avast Bank Mode?

Avast Bank Mode is a part of Avast Secure Browser. This special feature guarantees security of your online banking operations. Whether you are shopping, transferring money, reloading a digital wallet, or exchanging cryptocurrencies, Avast Bank Mode creates a separate session window to protect your banking information. You may consider it a sort of private room with antyspyware functions. How to deal with Avast Bank Mode malfunctioning

Avast Bank Mode may throw an error message for different reasons. Further, we are going to provide 5 ways of fixing mode errors.

Method 1: Make certain the feature is activated

In accordance with the Avast program settings, once Bank Mode is installed and set up, it should be always activated. However, it might get disabled after the antivirus or Windows updating.

To turn on the mode again, start Avast Secure Browser and navigate to the main menu. Select a section called More Tools, and then open the list of extensions. Search for Avast Bank Mode on the list and check whether it is activated.

If you can not find the needed feature on the list, navigate to the Developer mode, left-click the button to its right, and look through all the preselected extensions. Find the needed feature and turn it on.

Method 2: Utilise the taskbar

Based on users’ comments, it is possible to re-enable the mode utilizing the system taskbar.

Right-click the program icon. In the pop-down box, select the Run Bank Mode option. Then, start Avast Secure Browser and check whether the mode is properly functioning.

Method 3: Updating Avast

The failure might be caused by the antivirus program or the browser being out-dated. Updating them can solve the issue of Bank Mode malfunctioning.

For antivirus updating, start the app, navigate to the preferences. Find the Update section and check for the most recent updates. If there are any, install them.

For browser updating, navigate to the main menu and choose the “About” section. Click on it, and the browser will immediately check for the most recent updates. It will also install all the missed updates automatically. Then, re-start the browser. The mode error is supposed to be fixed.

Method 4: Scanning the device

The mode failure might be a result of malfunctioning of other modules. Incidentally, right-click the Secure Browser and go to the main menu. Navigate to Security & Privacy Center and left-click the Scan my device button. It should address the error. If not, run the antivirus app and choose Smart Scan. If there is still an operational failure, find the Performance tab in the main menu, navigate to Cleanup Premium and click on Scan now.

Method 5: Reinstalling Avast Secure Browser

If you’ve put to the test all the mediums mentioned above, and they haven’t tackled the issue, you may try re-installation. Uninstall the browser with all its modules and extensions, and simply install the most recent version from the Avast official page. The Bank Mode has to operate properly.