How to Block Website on Android

5 Ways on How to Block Website on Android

The internet is a vast space to get both knowledge and entertainment. Through the website, we can get this content and select what content we would like to read, listen or watch depending on the site as each website has its unique content. However, some reasons may prompt you to prevent a website from running on your android phone or tablet. These reasons may include; if a site is displaying explicit content, it is untrustworthy and might be used in compromising personal information, may cause a virus to your device or has numerous adverts that are irritating. This is mostly when you are not the only one bound to use the equipment, and other users might access the websites, or even you accidentally. Here are some of the ways you can follow on how to block website on android devices.

  1. Using Host File with a Rooted Phone

The best and easiest way to prevent a website is by modifying the website address, and to do that your phone the device should be rooted. There are also several applications that create the local VPN by redirecting the traffic. All you have is to download or buy, and the most common versions for android are ES File Explorer and the DNS66. The former as the more straightforward option to use. All you have to do is install it and then navigate to the system through the device icon, then go to the file name hosts where you will tap the edit button. At the box for editing, you can type the URL of the site you want to block and then reboot your device.

  1. Use an Antivirus

The trick for this is to use an antivirus friendly for Android and with parental control options. The downward side of antivirus is that you have to pay a subscription fee but on the bright side, it protects your phone from malware, hacking and allows you to block websites. All you have to do is install the application, follow the instructions and specify the choice of parental control. The sign-in process ensures that no one can access the restricted sites without your passwords.

  1. An ad-Blocker

Website owners earn their honest living through adverts, and you need no deny them that. Therefore, you should apply this method with caution to allow websites you visit to run the adverts. However, some sites have adverts that act as re-directions to websites with explicit content or virus filled websites. To prevent such things from happening to you if the website running this adverts is vital to you is download a website then specify that you are blocking the site for that particular website.

  1. Using a Good Browser

Nowadays, browsers are ideal for preventing website, but that does not happen automatically because there is something more you have to do. In particular, for the older version of Firefox for Android, go to the add-ons found under in the tools button and browse all the add-on available. Then install Blocksite, and once you install it, you can type the URL of the website you need blocked and prevent it from running in the browser.

  1. Using Firewall

The use of a firewall is another easy method you can use because it controls the applications you can access and also the websites you are allowed to visit. Download the NoRoot Firewall application and install it, then open it to navigate to the filter the sites you do not want to visit at any cost.

With the ways highlighted and explained above, you are assured that the sites that were previously a nuisance to you will no longer bother you. As a parent, you are also able to apply parental control, and your children cannot have access to explicit content easing the journey of parenting for you. When you follow the steps keenly, you are assured of ease of preventing the sites yet for all the methods; you can reverse and unblock a website while you can also synchronize for some to block in each of the gadgets logged in with your account name.